The Parish of Abbots Langley

Welcome to our Parish

Welcome to St. Lawrence and the Tin Church.

It has been great to see more and more people coming back to church over the last few weeks.  Thank you for bearing with all that has been unfamiliar and at times frustrating! 

We have now resumed our pre lockdown timetable of services:

8 am Eucharist at St Lawrence

9.30 am Eucharist at St Lawrence

11.15 am Eucharist at Bedmond

6.30 pm Evening Prayer

The 9.30am Service can be viewed via our YouTube platform 'The Sunday' or on our Facebook page - you don't have to be a member of Facebook to do this, just search for St Lawrence Abbots Langley Facebook on any search engine.

You can download the Eucharist booklet for these services.

St Lawrence remains open for private prayer Monday to Saturday 9.30am-4.30pm and on Sunday 11.30am to 4.30pm.

You can contact us via Facebook Facebook Logo, or the parish office on 01923 261795 or email

God bless.

Parish Mission Action Plan (MAP)

Latest Parish News

Watford Foodbank

You can donate food to the foodbank by dropping it into the boxes available at Budgens, High Street, Abbots Langley or in the Church.

Part of the work of the Reaching New People Project is to tell the stories of new worshipping communities within the Diocese of St Albans ...

Bibles notes on James

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Weekly Leaflet


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Monday 19th October

Via Facebook

9.15am Morning Prayer


Tuesday 20th October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer 

8.00pm APCM at St Lawrence Church and Via Zoom


Wednesday 21st October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer

11.15am Quiet Prayer

12.00 noon Eucharist


Thursday 22nd October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer


Friday 23rd October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer 

6.15pm Youth Choir


Saturday 24th October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer

1.00pm Wedding of Anne McGarvie and Samuel Hallett


Sunday 25th October

8.00am Eucharist in St Lawrence

9.30am Eucharist  in St Lawrence

11.15am Eucharist at Bedmond, Tin Church

6.30pm Eucharist service in St Lawrence


The 9.30am service will be broadcast on (Technology permitting).  You can download the service bookets on the website.

Due to social distancing, we are unable to fit as many people in as normal, therefore please let the office know if you would like to attend a service.