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Bibles notes on James

Bibles notes on James

Bible notes on James. James 1, James 2, James 3, James 4

Ever felt you'd like to know the Bible a bit better?  We've started a new thing - taking just one chapter each week, and having a closer look at it.

We are doing Micah now and you can find the first chapter; Micah 1, Micah 2,  Micah 3, Micah 4, Micah 5, Micah 6 and finally, Micah 7.

We started with Paul's Letter to the Philippians and you can read more here on Philippians 1, on Philippians 2, Philippians 3 and Philippians 4.

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The coming week...

Weekly Leaflet

Weekly Leaflet


Monday 27th January

9.0 am Morning Prayer

2.15 pm Tiny Tots in the Breakspear Room

7.30 pm Bell Ringing in St Lawrence


Tuesday 28th January

9.0 am Morning Prayer

10.15 am Coffee Morning in Breakspear Room

7.30 pm Youth Club meets in church hall


Wednesday 29th January

9.0 am Morning Prayer

11.15 am Quiet Reflection in St Lawrence

12 noon Holy Communion in St Lawrence followed by a light lunch

7.30 pm Churches Together Committee Meeting at Methodist Church

7.45 pm Choir Practice in St Lawrence


Thursday 30th January

9.0 am Morning Prayer

8.00 pm House Group - 6 Kindersley Way


Friday 31st January

9.0 am Morning Prayer

10.00 am Craft morning in the Tin Church

10.00 am  AHAL Coffee in Henderson Hub, Abbots Langley High Street

2.00 pm Ascension Acorns in the Tin Church

2.00 pm Craft and Conversation in Breakspear Room

6.15 pm Youth Choir Practice in Breakspear Room


Saturday 1st February

9.30 am Churchyard Working Party

10.00 am Bell Ringing - Quarter Peal


Sunday 2nd February

8.00 am Holy Communion

9.30 am Parish Communion  with Seekers and Creche in St Lawrence

11.15 am Holy Communion at Bedmond in Tin Church

11.30 am Malawi Project Open Meeting in Breakspear Room

12.30 pm Sunday Lunch Club, Church Hall

6.30 pm Evening Prayer in St Lawrence