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Following on from the recent Parish Conversations on the five topics: Growing as Christians, Evangelism, Service to the Community, Children & Young People and Worship, Peter has produced a paper summarising what he thought were themes coming prominently out of each conversation and sometimes across more than one.  He then offers some of his own thoughts in response and a suggestion as to the next step in putting together the new Mission Action Plan for the Parish.  You can find his paper here.

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The Annual Vestry Meeting (for the Election of Churchwardens) and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (for election of PCC and Deanery Synod members as well as a report on the church for 2016 including finances) will take place on Sunday 30th April 2017 at 11.30 am.  A copy of the Annual Report and Accounts will be available by Easter.

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In February 2017 we were allocated a £2000 grant by the ABBOTS LANGLEY PARISH COUNCIL towards the maintenance of the churchyard.  This goes towards the upkeep of the mowers and equipment and to pay one person a number of hours throughout the year to try to keep on top of some of the growing season.  Most of the work in the churchyard is done by a small group of volunteers who are always happy to welcome others to join them.  They usually meet on the first Saturday of each month and, depending on the time of year, they mow, strim, weed, sweep leaves, clear litter, have bonfires, etc, all the usual things you would expect to do in your garden throughout the year - albeit probably on a larger scale!  If you would like to join this team please just turn up between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm (coffee break at 11.00) - the remaining dates for 2017 are:  1st April, 6th May, 3rd June, 8th July, 5th August, 2nd September, 7th October, 4th November, 2nd December  - or make contact to find out more.

In March 2017, Three Rivers District Council awarded the PCC a capital grant of £2,000 towards the replacement of two mowers used in the churchyard.  The old tractor mower was 16 years old and beyond economic repair, and last year two of the self-propelled mowers had also become unusable.  We are very grateful for their help.

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We have a link with MALOSA in MALAWI.  In 2012/13, along with St Luke's Church in Watford, we raised £30,000 to build a maternity unit in Nkasala in Malawi.  This prompted a group of people from both churches to visit Malawi in the summer of 2014 to see the maternity unit (at that stage not yet finished) but also to offer some DIY work and nursing support work in St Luke's Hospital, Malosa; and to undertake some training with nursery leaders in outerlying villages.  The visit opened the eyes of those who went to other needs within the community, especially in Malosa Secondary School.  On their return money was raised to repair four large rice boilers in the school so that pupils could be fed properly.  Wendy Meldrum, one of those who travelled to Malawi, wrote un up-date in July 2015 - see here.  It is intended that we continue to support the people of Malawi and a second trip out there is being organised for 2018.  But before then we are supporting the people of Malosa by sending out items of need via a container leaving Birmingham on 10th June.  Click here to find out the type of items required.

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'Living God's Love' in Abbots Langley.  'Living God's Love' is a journey.  It's an invitation to discover new things about God, ourselves and the world; to look with fresh eyes and explore new ways.  It's an inviation to journey together as God's people.  Bishop Alan is inviting us to

* journey deeper into God, in prayer, worship and commitment;

* go into partnership to bring transformation to communities, local and global;

* walk alongside others on their journeys as we seek to make new disciples.

During 2017, we will be looking at our Parish MAP, with a view to updating/renewing it, following a series of Parish Conversations.  These Conversations took place during February and centred on: Discipleship, Evangelism, Service to the Community, Children and Young People, and Worship.  The two days for the MAP revision are Saturdays 29th April and 17th June - all are welcome.

You can also click here to go to the designated Living God's Love diocesan website.

From 2016 to 2020, we are encouraged to look at four strands of the Living God's Love prayer - generosity and joy; imagination and courage - in our parishes and in our own lives; how can we live our lives and work within the church with generosity, joy, imagination and courage?  The Churches Together Lent Course in 2017 is looking at these four strands in greater detail.

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A new way of giving regularly to the church (either St Lawrence or the Church of the Ascension) is by direct debit using the Parish Giving Scheme, a national organisation which makes collecting money easier for each parish church ...

Why not join the Friends of St Lawrencee for their Safari Supper on Saturday 3rd June.  Meet in the church hall at 6.30 pm for drinks and starters; then you move on to someone's home in the village where you will be served your main course; then all finish together for sweets in a home in Abbots Road ...

The first of the three meetings in preparation of renewing the Parish Map took place on Sunday 21st May when the discussion was based on 'Going Deeper into God'.  The next one is on Sunday 28th April when the discussion will be centred on 'Making New Disciples.  The final meeting will take place on Sunday 4th June - 'Transforming Communities'.  If you would like a say on the priorities for this parish for the next three to five years then please come along with your ideas ...

St Lawrence is looking for a Director of Music from September 2017.  Details of the post are available here or contact the Vicar, the Revd Peter Waddell on ...

For the third year running we shall have a series of Concerts on the Saturdays of May - on 6th May there will be an organ recital at 11.00 am by Tom Winpenny (Assistant Master of the Music, St Albans Cathedral); on 13th May at 11.00 am, the ever popular Southorn and Stratton families will perform a wide repertoire of songs; on Saturday 20th May at 7.30 pm (note time please) the London Fellowship Band of the Salvation Army will again be performing; and finally on 27th May there will be a selection of music by local young people including Local Vocals and pupils from Parmiter's School and Francis Combe Academy ...

A time of candlelit contemplativeness, prayer, silence and stillness - every Wednesday morning from 11.00 am; stay for as long as you like for up to an hour ...

An opportunity for an hour of candlelit comtemplativeness, prayer, silence and stillness - on offer the first Tuesday of every month from 8.00 to 9.00 pm in the Corpus Christi Chapel in St Lawrence (the far end of the church) - 6th June, 4th July, 1st August, 5th September ...

Every Monday morning between 10.15 and 10.45 am (except Bank Holidays) Peter would like others to join him in praying for a growing church - growing in faith, diversity, love and numbers - in the Corpus Christi Chapel area in the far end of St Lawrence Church ...

Do you enjoy crafts but need the incentive to get on with them?!  Well come along to the Breakspear Room any Friday afternoon between 2.00 and 4.00 pm and join with others while having a chat and a cuppa!  Any craft - sewing, knitting, patchwork, lace making, embroidery, painting, etc - all are welcome.  If you are looking for something to do and can knit, we are knitting bonnets and vests for the children of Malawi ...

The Parish Profile, written in 2015 prior to the appointment of a new Vicar, can be found here.

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The coming week...

Monday 22nd May

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.15 am  Prayer for a Growing Church in the Corpus Christi Chapel

2.15 pm  Tiny Tots in the Breakspear Room

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

7.30 pm  Ringers' practice

8.00 pm  Parochial Church Council meets in the Breakspear Room


Tuesday 23rd May

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.15 am  Tuesday Coffee in the Breakspear Room

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence


Wednesday 24th May

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.15 am  Holy Communion in St Lawrence

11.00 am  Quiet Reflection in the Corpus Christi Chapel

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

7.45 for 8.00 pm  Deanery Synod meets at St Mary's, Watford

8.00 pm  Social Committee meets at 7 Fernhills

8.00 pm  Bereavement Visitors meet at St Saviour's


Thursday 25th May - Ascension Day

8.15 am  Prayers for the local church and community in St Lawrence

9.30 am Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

11.00 am  Funeral of Marvin Attwood in St Lawrence followed by Cremation

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

8.00 pm  Parish Communion for the Patronal Festival at the Church of the Ascension


Friday 26th May

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.00 am  AHAL Coffee in the Henderson Hub

10.00 am  Craft Group in the Church of the Ascension

2.00 pm  Craft and Conversation in the Breakspear Room

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

No Youth Choir practice


Saturday 27th May

11.00 am  Spring Concert Series - Local Vocals, Parmiter's School, Francis Combe Academy

12.15 pm  Bell Toll for WW1 soldier - Frederick Harvey How


Sunday 28th May - The Sixth Sunday of Easter

8.00 am  Holy Communion in St Lawrence

9.30 am  Parish Communion with Seekers and Creche in St Lawrence

12.15 pm  Baptism of Jackson Hanson in St Lawrence

6.30 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

7.30 pm  MAP Meeting in the Breakspear Room - Making New Disciples


Monday 29th May

Bank Holiday

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence


Tuesday 30th May

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.15 am  Tuesday Coffee in the Breakspear Room

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence


Wednesday 31st May

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.15 am  Holy Communion in St Lawrence

11.00 am  Quiet Reflection in the Corpus Christi Chapel

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

7.00 pm  Wedding rehearsal in St Lawrence

7.45 pm  Choir practice in St Lawrence