The Parish of Abbots Langley

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

The church of St Lawrence and the church of the Ascension are living and working places which many visit each year - whether to worship at a regular service, to attend a special event, or to enjoy a private moment of peace. Our work extends beyond these walls out into the community in a number of ways, such as visiting schools, hospitals and care homes.

All of this costs the parish around £3000 per week. We receive no financial assistance from the Government and have to rely on the generosity of our supporters and our own fundraising endeavours to continue our important work.

Please read below to see how you can support us. If you are a UK taxpayer, please remember to fill in the Gift Aid section, if applicable, so that we can reclaim the tax you have paid.


Donate On-Line

If you would like to make a single gift on-line, please use the button below



Join the Parish Giving Scheme

It has never been easier to use the Parish Giving Scheme. You can ring 0333 002 1271 and say you would like to make a monthly gift to the parish of Abbots Langley and Bedmond, quoting the reference number 320632229, it can all be set up in under ten minutes or use the Parish Giving Scheme website ( 

They can also alter the amount of existing regular gifts.

Only the Parish Giving Officer (Marcus Coultrup) will know what you give. Nobody else will have a clue .... but we will ALL be very grateful.

Many, many thanks to all who give with such generosity already. To those who don't, but could - please think, pray and act!


Leave a Legacy

For information about leaving a gift to the parish in your Will and the difference it can make, take a look at our Legacies Leaflet.


Shop On-Line With Easyfundraising

If you shop on-line, please do so through our easyfundraising page. Over 2700 retailers have signed up to easyfundraising, which passes on a percentage of your shopping bill to the church at no cost to yourself.


Give Your Time and Talents

The churches rely on the many hours of time given by volunteers. If you would like to give to the community in this way, please speak to somebody in the Church Office on 01923 261795, or e-mail
List of the roles you could take on.


If you have any questions about making a donation or our current funding needs, please contact Marcus Coultrup via the 'contact us' page or at

Registered charity number 1130597

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Weekly Leaflet

Weekly Leaflet


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Monday 19th October

Via Facebook

9.15am Morning Prayer


Tuesday 20th October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer 

8.00pm APCM at St Lawrence Church and Via Zoom


Wednesday 21st October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer

11.15am Quiet Prayer

12.00 noon Eucharist


Thursday 22nd October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer


Friday 23rd October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer 

6.15pm Youth Choir


Saturday 24th October

Via Facebook Page

9.15am Morning Prayer

1.00pm Wedding of Anne McGarvie and Samuel Hallett


Sunday 25th October

8.00am Eucharist in St Lawrence

9.30am Eucharist  in St Lawrence

11.15am Eucharist at Bedmond, Tin Church

6.30pm Eucharist service in St Lawrence


The 9.30am service will be broadcast on (Technology permitting).  You can download the service bookets on the website.

Due to social distancing, we are unable to fit as many people in as normal, therefore please let the office know if you would like to attend a service.