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'The Abbot himself holds Langlei.  In King Edward's time it consisted of five and a half hides, now of three.  There is sufficient land for fifteen ploughs.  Two and a half are the demesne and there are four ploughs there and a fifth could be made' from the Domesday Book 1086

Since Saxon times, St Lawrence the Martyr, the village Church, has been a focal point of Abbots Langley village life.  From the 12th century the Church has been available to serve all who live in Abbots Langley, not just the people who worship here regularly or who use it for baptisms, weddings, blessings and funerals.  Many people use it as a quiet place to retreat to; it is open daily between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm.  It is also used as a venue for concerts and occasional plays.


The Friends of St Lawrence is a registered charity whose aim is to raise contributions by subscription and planned events and apply the funds for the preservation of the fabric of the St Lawrence Church building.  Those who subscribe, make donations or attend our social functions, are all 'Friends'.

The Committee meets regularly to plan fundraising activities.  The Trustees and members of the Committee are a mixture of those who attend church regularly and those who do not.

The Committee:  The Revd Dr Peter Waddell, Pat Colwell, Susan Coultrup, Dorothy Deane, Lynn Mason, Wendy Meldrum, Bill Sanderson (Treasurer), Jan Taylor and Andy Taylor (Chairman).

The Trustees: The Revd Dr Peter Waddell, Pat Colwell, Susan Coultrup, Bill Sanderson, and Jan Taylor.

February 2020 Chairman's Report


Projects which have been funded by the Friends since 1992 include the following:

  • Conservation and repair of the 15th century font = £1,980
  • Redecoration of the interior of the Church, including replacement of the internal lighting = £18,922
  • Contribution to the floodlighting scheme = £3,355
  • Replacement oak doors for the tower = £2,900
  • External repairs to the Church, re-pointing the tower wall, etc = £20,000
  • Contribution to the replacement sound system = £3,635
  • Re-gilding of the tower clock = £1,750
  • Re-roofing of the south porch =  £20,000
  • Re-leading of two windows in the Corpus Christ Chapel = £18,300


On a building of this age, there is always something that needs doing!  The Church building is subject to an inspection every five years.  The latest one took place towards the end of 2017.  Following receipt of the inspection report the Parochial Church Council (PCC) decides on what can be achieved within the available resources and when priorities have been established the Friends may be approached for assistance.  The Trustees and Committee ensure that the purpose for which the funds are raised is covered by the aim of the charity.



Enjoy our social activities:  the Friends of St Lawrence raises much of its income through a programme of planned activities.  Events in the past and planned for the future include safari suppers, quiz nights, car treasure hunts, barbecues, talent shows, concerts, curry evenings, coffee mornings, open gardens, etc.

Details of the activities planned for 2020 and tickets for most events, where applicable, are available through the Church Office (01923 261795).  All are welcome, so please register your interest early to avoid disappointment!


If it is important to you that St Lawrence church building is maintained as a valuable part of the rich history of Abbots Langley now and for generations to come ….. become a Patron of The Friends of St Lawrence. You can do this by giving a donation of your choice on a regular basis and then you will be helping to preserve St Lawrence church building.  The benefits of being a Patron are:

a regular half yearly newsletter;

advance notice of forthcoming events;

a diary of events;

some freebies, including coffee and a bacon butty at the Christmas coffee morning;

a badge to show that you are a Patron;

and, of course, the knowledge that you are helping The Friends of St Lawrence plan their fundraising in a more structured manner.

The Friends have currently pledged to raise £40,000 for the repair to the stone tracery around the windows (without this work the windows are in danger of falling out).  We have so far raised £23,000. 

For further information please see the Patron packs at the back of the church, or speak to Andy Taylor on 07939 055031;

2020 Diary of Activities

Please put the dates of our 2020 events in your diary - if you want further details on any event or to book tickets please contact the church office.


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Monday 19th October

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9.15am Morning Prayer


Tuesday 20th October

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9.15am Morning Prayer 

8.00pm APCM at St Lawrence Church and Via Zoom


Wednesday 21st October

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9.15am Morning Prayer

11.15am Quiet Prayer

12.00 noon Eucharist


Thursday 22nd October

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9.15am Morning Prayer


Friday 23rd October

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9.15am Morning Prayer 

6.15pm Youth Choir


Saturday 24th October

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9.15am Morning Prayer

1.00pm Wedding of Anne McGarvie and Samuel Hallett


Sunday 25th October

8.00am Eucharist in St Lawrence

9.30am Eucharist  in St Lawrence

11.15am Eucharist at Bedmond, Tin Church

6.30pm Eucharist service in St Lawrence


The 9.30am service will be broadcast on (Technology permitting).  You can download the service bookets on the website.

Due to social distancing, we are unable to fit as many people in as normal, therefore please let the office know if you would like to attend a service.