The Parish of Abbots Langley

About Us

We have two church buildings - St Lawrence Church in Abbots Langley and the Church of the Ascension ('The Tin Church') in Bedmond, and we are part of the Deanery of Watford.  We are also members of Churches Together in Abbots Langley, along with the Baptist Church, the Methodist Church, the Roman Catholic Church (St Saviour's) and another Anglican Church (St Paul's, Langleybury).  We work well together, including worshipping together, especially at Festival times, and we organise various social events together.

There has been a church in Abbots Langley for over 850 years and in Bedmond for 130 years.  We try to combine a sense of tradition with witnessing to the dynamic presence of God in his world today, and serving the communities of which we are a part.  We are an inclusive church and are pleased to offer hospitality to everyone.

The two separate communities of Abbots Langley and Bedmond both have a good feel about them.  The total population of the parish is about 14,000: at one end it merges into Watford and at the other into open farmland.  You don't have to be in the area long to realise that it is the goodwill and community spirit which makes both villages good places in which to live, work and worship.

We are a Fairtrade parish and try to buy and to use fairly-traded goods whenever we can, and to encourage parishioners to do the same.

Please pray for the parish: give thanks for all that it offers; remember the churches, schools, shops and businesses, and especially pray for the people.

Stay and browse this website and get the feel of the life of our churches, what we do and why we do it - and we hope that one day we shall find you here with us to share our worship and our life.

St Lawrence Church is open seven days a week, from 10.00 am to 5.15 pm on Monday to Saturday and between services on Sundays.  Bedmond Church is unfortunately kept locked most of the time but you can arrange to meet someone there if you would like to go into it - please make contact via the contact us page.

If you are in Abbots Langley on a Tuesday morning, pop in to St Lawrence for a Fairtrade cup of coffee, tea or chocolate and a biscuit between 10.15 am and 12.15 pm - or if you are in Bedmond on the first Wednesday of the month, pop into Bedmond Church between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon - you will be made most welcome!

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The coming week...

Monday 19th June

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in  St Lawrence

2.15 pm  Tiny Tots in the Breakspear Room, St Lawrence

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

7.30 pm  Ringing practice at St Lawrence


Tuesday 20th June

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.15 am  Tuesday Coffee in the Breakspear Room, St Lawrence

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

7.00 for 7.30 pm  Mothers' Union Midsummer Supper at Hunters

8.00 pm  Seekers leaders meeting in the Breakspear Room, St Lawrence


Wednesday 21st June

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.00 am  Funeral of Margaret Plows at the Crematorium

10.15 am  Holy Communion in St Lawrence

11.00 am  Quiet Reflection in the Corpus Christi Chapel, St Lawrence

12.00 noon  Home Communion at Abbeyfield

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence


Thursday 22nd June

8.15 am  Prayer for the local church and community in St Lawrence

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence


Friday 23rd June

9.30 am  Morning Prayer in St Lawrence

10.00 am  AHAL Coffee in the Henderson Hub, High Street

10.00 am  Craft Group in Bedmond Church

2.00 pm  Craft and Conversation in the Breakspear Room, St Lawrence

4.30 pm  Wedding rehearsal in St Lawrence

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

6.15 pm  Youth Choir practice


Saturday 24th June - Albantide

11.00 am  Albantide procession leaves St Peter's Church, St Albans

12.00 noon Festival Eucharist in St Albans Cathedral

2.00 pm  Wedding Blessing for Neil and Natasha Munday in St Lawrence with Christening for Leaonard Munday

4.00 pm  Festival Choral Evensong in St Albans Cathedral

5.00 pm  All Age African Event in St Lawrence church hall


Sunday 25th June - Trinity 2

8.00 am  Holy Communion

9.30 am  Parish Communion with Seekers and Creche

6.30 pm  Evening Prayer