The Parish of Abbots Langley

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Accessibility Statement

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The coming week...

Weekly Leaflet

Weekly Leaflet


Monday 10th February

9.0 am Morning Prayer

2.15 pm Tiny Tots in the Breakspear Room

7.30 pm Bell Ringing in St Lawrence


Tuesday 11th February

9.0 am Morning Prayer

10.15 am Coffee Morning in Breakspear Room

2.00 pm Tanners wood School visiting St Lawrence

7.30 pm Youth Club meets in church hall


Wednesday 12th February

9.0 am Morning Prayer

11.00 am Mothers Union Meets in Breakspear Room

11.15 am Quiet Reflection in St Lawrence

12 noon Eucharist (Mothers Union Corporate Communion) in St Lawrence followed by a light lunch

3.30 pm Messy Church in Methodist Church and Hall

7.45 pm Choir Practice in St Lawrence


Thursday 13th February

9.0 am Morning Prayer

10.30 am Home Communion at Hanover Gardens


Friday 14th February

9.0 am Morning Prayer

10.00 am Craft morning in the Tin Church

10.00 am  AHAL Coffee in Henderson Hub, Abbots Langley High Street

2.00 pm Ascension Acorns in the Tin Church

2.00 pm Craft and Conversation in Breakspear Room

6.15 pm Youth Choir Practice in Breakspear Room


Saturday 15th February

 11.00 am 'Exploring Christenings' in Breakspear Room


Sunday 16th February

8.00 am Holy Communion

9.30 am Christening of Malachy Kelleher-Bennet during Parish Communion with Seekers and Creche in St Lawrence

11.15 am Holy Communion at Bedmond in Tin Church

12.30 pm Sunday Lunch Club

12.45 pm Christening of Henry Glasgow

6.30 pm Evening Prayer in St Lawrence

7.30 pm "Is God a Monster?" in Breakspear Room