The Parish of Abbots Langley

Bedmond Churchyard

The Living Churchyard Scheme aims to help churches manage their churchyards in a wildlife-friendly way, while being sensitive to the needs of all churchyard users.

Churchyards are important places for people, but they can be havens for wildlife too.  As these habitats remain largely undisturbed, numerous plants and animals have space to thrive.  With good management, wildflower rich churchyards can support a diverse ecosystem.

Many ancient meadows and pastures rich in wildflowers, butterflies and insects have been lost since the Second World War, due to the widespread use of fertilizers and herbicides.  Churchyards can be the last refuge for wildlife in some cases and also play an important role in enabling species to move from one place to another. 






We have just begun to manage our churchyard at Bedmond in accordance with the principles of the Living Churchyard Scheme and initially undertook a Flora survey which listed over 40 species not to mention the grasses, trees, mosses, fungi and all the living creatures that depend on them.   In August 2017 we arranged a Moth Watch and you can see the species we found by clicking here.

As such we already have a rich flora and fauna but are seeking to encourage greater diversity and also maintain a healthy balance.  With this in mind, areas of the Churchyard are managed in different ways.  The grassed pathways around the Church and the car park are regularly mown for practical reasons and to provide a fit setting for the Church. Around these pathways and the car park though, and more especially in our large field area, we leave the grass to grow long during the summer months to encourage different flowers, butterflies, moths and birds. This also allows caterpillars that feed on the wildflowers and grasses time to pupate.  In this way we are trying to conserve and encourage as diverse a range of wildflowers as possible.

Members of our congregation attended a scything course in the summer of 2016 to learn how to manage the grassland in an ancient and more environmentally friendly way.  Following this we were awarded a Green Grant from the Diocese towards the purchase of our own scythe for Bedmond and we have just begun to use it.

In 2016 we also began to hold regular monthly Churchyard working parties.  So far we have been focusing on coppicing the many Sycamores and Laurels which surround the Church, which had become very overgrown and were taking a lot of light away from the Yew Trees.  The coppiced trees are now much easier to manage going forward and the Yew Trees are slowly beginning to recover.  From the prunings we created a beautiful natural fence to separate the car park from the wildlife area. 

We have also been creating many new habitats such as wildlife wood piles which are beneficial for many species, as well as new habitats for hedgehogs, stag beetles and amphibians.  

We are always looking for more people to work in the churchyard. Tasks include all of the regular gardening jobs; mowing, clearing, weeding, pruning etc.  There are jobs suitable for all ages and abilities so please make contact to find out when we are next meeting.


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Weekly Leaflet

Weekly Leaflet


Monday 14th October

2.15 pm Tiny Tots in the Breakspear Room

7.30 pm Ringing practice in St Lawrence


Tuesday 15th October

10.15 am Tuesday Coffee in the Breakspear Room

7.30 pm Youth Club meets in the Church hall

8.00 pm Mother Union meets in Breakspear Room


Wednesday 16th October

10.30 am Home Communion at Abbeyfield

11.15 am Quiet Reflection in St Lawrence

12.00 noon Holy Communion in St Lawrence followed by light lunch in the Breakspear Room

7.45 pm Choir practice in St Lawrence


Thursday 17th October

7.30 pm History of Leavesden Hospital at Tin Church


Friday 18th October

10.00 am Craft morning in the Tin Church

10.00 am AHAL Coffee in the Henderson Hub, Abbots Langley High St

2.00 pm Ascension Acorns in the Tin Church

2.00 pm Craft & Conversation in the Breakspear Room

6.15 pm Youth Choir practice in Breakspear Room


Saturday 20th October

3.00 pm Baptisim of Paul Spears

6.30 pm Friends of St Lawrence Quiz Night with Hot Supper


Sunday 21st October

8.00 am Holy Communion

9.30 am Parish Communion with Seekers and Creche

11.15 am Holy Communion at Bedmond in Tin Church

12.30 pm Sunday Lunch Club

12.45 pm Christening of Elodie Cudjoe

6.30 pm Evening Prayer